Friday, December 28, 2012

Theres No Place Like Home*

Most or all of you may know that we moved to Beloit, Kansas in November so just a few short months ago. We are still adjusting from the BIG city to a small city. We had been talking about moving out of Iowa for a while we just didnt really know where and when we would do it. An oppertunity came up and we talked about it for a while and visited and talked some more. Most people would call us crazy because we moved without having jobs. We had a house though. Ok so i agree, we were very crazy and I was scared that we would only be living in our house for a month and then we would be homeless. I was babysitting so i knew we would be ok for a while. Then Bradley got a job at the home center in the lumber yard. Yay he got a job and we would be safe. I was still babysitting as much as they needed me. I loved it. I was 3 little girls so there was never a dull moment.
So as we reached december i still didnt have a job but i was in the process of interviewing at an insurance company. I really wanted this job but after a few interviews i was not feeling as good as i was after the first interview. Well i need to just let things happen and see where things go. I got the job and i love it and they love me!!
So as christmas was coming we had to decide what we were going to do because we had 3 of them to go to and this was our first christmas as Mr and Mrs. We wanted to be able to go to all of them but one was 8 hours away and the other back home which is 4 hours away. Ugh this is not a fun thing to decide because we have never had to before. We have always lived close enough so it was never a problem. So I decided that I was able to go to the family christmas that was 8 hours away but my parents were going to have to pick me up and take me with them but it also worked out that they had bought us a washer and dryer for christmas so they came to install it and then took me with them. The most important day was christmas. We ended up missing being with our families because it would be a 24 hour trip with 8 hours of driving and that is never fun. So we stayed home and decided to make dinner and see a movie. It didnt really hit me until we were talking about new years that we didnt see our familes. I was packing for our trip for the last christmas and i cried because i miss my family so much.
I feel like crying anytime i think about it. I dont think i have ever been this homesick. Now i am waiting all day to get off work so we can leave and drive 4 hours home. I kind of wished we had taken the whole day off work so that we could have left last night or at least this morning. I dont like to wait especially when I miss my family and friends. It will all be worth it when we start driving and I can see my family again. Theres No Place Like Home*