Thursday, February 28, 2013


So I have searched the interwebs for yummy recipes and I have found a few that i really want to try. I also have a bunch of cookbooks at home.  So my goal is to cook something new every night.  Usually we just pour a bowl of cereal or we go out to dinner. We are now running out of options because we live in a small town we are becoming regulars at our favorite places. Plus we are not really making healthy choices when we go out to eat so this will be good for us! I also want to learn some new recipes.  I hardly ever cook and if i do its like once or twice a month. Sometimes more depending on my husband but sometimes my "cooking" is more like heating something up. Last night I was simple and made burritos which turned out pretty good. Refried Beans, Beef, Lettuce, Cheese, Onions and Tomatoes! They were really good!!Tonight I am making Cheeseburger Cauliflower.So I am going to start tonight but then I will be out of town with my family for the weekend so I will start with more on Monday. Now its supposed to be a healthy version of hamburger helper. I think it looks really tasty. My husband is not a fan of cauliflower. Nor is he a fan of pasta or chicken so he is really limiting me to the things I can make. I love pasta and chicken so i think he is going to have to suck it up a bit and since I am cooking he will eat it or make his own dinner and since he is always tired after work I think he will just be thankful I am cooking haha. I will post pictures on here when I finish the meals. I also am going to try to keep this up. I like to start something then I just stop doing it and think i wonder why I only did this for 2 days when I swore to myself that I would do this more then just a day. So we will see how this goes. Wish me luck! Thanks!

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