Thursday, August 11, 2011


So as many already know, I have 2 babies! There names are Baby and Jax.

Baby is 7 years old and we got here 2 years ago and Jax is 4 months old almost 5 and we got him just a few weeks ago.

Today we have to take them in to get them shots :( which i am not excited about because they are going to be mad at me and cry and I dont like to see my babies hurt and cry. I hate getting shots so I know it will not feel good. Luckily Brad is going to go with me for support lol. The first time I had to take Baby in to get her shots it was horrible. She was scared of everything and she did not like the vet. Oh man was she ever mad at me.

The thing that always grosses me out is that we have to grab there poop and bring it with us. EWWWW and its not like you get there and they take it from you. Oh no they have to make you sit and wait with your dogs crap.

Now that Baby is older and more comfortable, she thinks she is a BIG dog. She likes to go up to actual big dogs and sniff them and growl at them. The bigger dogs are always like really you are the size of my poop, why are you trying to mess with me. Well so this trip should be interesting.

Jax loves to play and Baby will not have it. She just wants to lay there and not be bothered. Jax is a puppy so sometimes Baby will play but thats only for like 2 seconds. She is not a fan.

I have not experienced Jax at the vet yet so i am nervous. They ask you to hold the dog and then your babies look at you like why are you letting them hurt me and then they cry. Makes me sad.

So I guess we will just see how today goes.

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